LED Bulb with Remote control -12 Color changing options

This is a Multi functional LED Bulb that comes with Remote control that can be used to adjust brightness and color-changing lights. It can be installed in any bulb socket. It also has many modes to select from like: Smooth and flash. In terms of power consumption, this LED bulb is much efficient. 

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor where you can control the light from a distance. The lifespan of this led is more than 25000 hours. It also comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty. You can also control multiple LED bulbs with one remote. More detail about this product is listed below.

LED Bulb with Remote control Features

  1. It can be installed in any bulb socket.
  2. It has 12 color-changing RGB Lights.
  3. This LED bulb comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  4. It comes with a remote that can control the colors and the intensity of light.
  5. This Bulb has various light effects like Flash mode and Smooth mode.
  6. The power of this bulb is 7 watts.
  7. One remote control can control all bulbs (If you buy multiple bulbs)
  8. It is durable and long-lasting Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  9. The color temperature of light is 6500k and 440 lumen.