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    Flexible Kitchen Tap with 360 Degree Rotation

    Flexible Kitchen Tap with 360 Degree Rotation

    This is a Flexible Kitchen Tap with 360 Degree Rotation that can be installed in your kitchen. It comes with a black silicone adjustable pipe that can be rotated in any direction without any scar marks on it. Intelligent water Technology has been used for this kitchen tap that provides softening bubbler water. It is made up of a high-quality grade solid brass and corrosion-resistant material. 

    Specially designed high-quality disc already been tested 50,0000 times open and close test. The installation process is very easy you can do it by yourself in few minutes. more specification and feature about this kitchen tap is listed below.

    Features of  Flexible Kitchen Tap

    1. The online Rating of this product is 4.4 out of 5. 
    2. It is made up of Brass, Chrome, and Silicon material.
    3. Ceramic Disc has been tested by 500,000 times.
    4. It can be rotated into a 360-degree rotation.
    5. Faucets climb the layer up to 7 layers.
    6. Resistance to a variety of corrosion, nine crystal drilling electro-plating.
    7. Installation Size: 1/2 inch BSP.
    8. The sprayer aerator in it a special design for intelligent softening stream mode.

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