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Convert any Mobile into Wireless Charging

Convert any Mobile into Wireless Charging

Now you can convert any mobile phone into Wireless Charging compatibility. It is made up of high-quality material with an ultra-thin design. The Charging speed is similar to the Phone's stock-wired charging. Due to its thin design, you can keep this under the mobile case. This charging strip comes with 4 different charging ports like Micro USB, Type C, iPhone, and camera devices. With an smart Charging chip with metal coils, this gadget instantly turns your phone into a wireless charging device while also protecting it from overheating and overcharging. More specs and details are listed below.

Features of Wireless Charger Receiver

  1. Rating is 3.4 out of 5.
  2. It provides an output of up to 5V/1000mAh.
  3. It comes with 4 different ports for all types of mobile phones.
  4. It has an Intelligent Charging chip.
  5. Made in India Product.
  6. The installation process is very easy.
  7. The weight of the product is 5 grams.
  8. It does not support fast charging.
  9. It has high-quality clamp construction for durable and long-term usage.

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