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    Mini Fan with Power Bank & Flash Light [Rechargeable]

    Mini Fan with Power Bank & Flash Light [Rechargeable]

    This is a portable mini fan that comes with an inbuilt power bank and a Flashlight. The fan can run 21 hours continuously on 1 setting and it takes almost 3 hours to charge it completely. It is very compact in size which means you can carry it wherever you want and also the weight of this device is only 125 grams. It can be easily charged with the help of a computer, mobile charger, or any type of USB port the fan blade is made up of a soft TPE material which is very safe.

    It has a built-in 2008 power Bank that can charge your smartphone and other electronic devices in an emergency. It has a Flashlight that will help you during the night.  It comes with a one-year standard warranty and you can also check the latest price from the button given below.

    Features of Mini Fan with Power Bank & Flash Light

    1. This handheld fan runs for 21 hours on setting 1 and 14 hours on setting 2.
    2. It takes 3 hours to charge this gadget completely.
    3. This Mini Fan is compact in size and the foldable mechanism is convenient.
    4. The weight of this device is 125 grams approx.
    5. It can charge easily with a computer, adapter, or any USB power.
    6. The fan blade is made up of soft TPE material, the blades are very safe.
    7. It has a built-in power bank of 2000mAh.
    8. The flashlight is quite bright and can be useful in dark areas or if electricity is out.
    9. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

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