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LED Bulb with Hidden Camera 360-degree

LED Bulb with Hidden Camera

This LED Bulb with Hidden Camera is perfect for the home and kitchen to record everything automatically. Now you can monitor camera views on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.  the installation process is very easy, you can do it by yourself.  It can be fixed easily on the regular bulb socket with the help of an adaptor. 

The built-in 360-degree camera is wide enough to record each and every corner of the room.  You can also control all the setting of the camera with the help of a mobile app which you can also be used to monitor the video.  This 2 in 1 LED bulb with the hidden camera also has a feature of motion detection, which means you will get an alert whenever the camera detects any type of motion.  

more feature and specification about this gadget is listed below.

Features of LED Bulb with Hidden Camera

  1. It can be installed in any bulb socket with the help of an adapter.
  2. This 2 in 1 camera does not require any type of battery.
  3. It has a 360-degree camera that records everything without the need for manual rotation.
  4. You can watch live videos on mobile.
  5. You can control all camera options in the mobile app.
  6. It also has a built-in motion detection feature.
  7. You can also do 2-way communication with this device.
  8. It supports a micro SD card to record video with sound.

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