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    Philips Quick Hair Straightening Brush

    Philips Quick Hair Straightening Brush

    This is a quick Hair straightener brush suitable for daily use to get naturally straight hairs. It has a ceramic coating of Keratin-infused tourmaline that provides beautiful shiny hair in just 5 minutes. A large paddle-shaped brush takes more hair in one go. It takes a nominal 50 seconds to preheat before you start using it.  Led flash indicates that it is ready to be used and it has two temperature settings that you can choose according to the type of hair.. more features and specifications are listed below.

    Philips Quick Hair Straightening Brush Features to consider

    1. Rating is 4.2 out of 5 given by 5,901 customers.
    2. It has a ceramic coating glide smoothly through your hair
    3. This Hair Straightening Brush is perfect for dry and rough hair.
    4. ThermoProtect technology regulate even temperature and prevent overheating
    5. You can adjust temperature settings (170°c & 200°c) to suit your hair type.
    6. Fast heat-up time - ready to use in 50 seconds.
    7. LED light indicates when the brush is ready to operate.
    8. It has a Large Paddle that allows straightening more hair in one go
    9. Length of the cord is1.8M which is sufficient for convenient usage.
    10. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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