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    Safety Bracelet With 5 Survival Tools

    Safety Bracelet With 5 Survival Tools

    This Safety Bracelet comes with 5 Survival Tools That can be very helpful during any type of emergency.  It is suitable for traveling, campaign, and hiking. This safety bracelet has a 7-feet long cord that can be used in many ways during any type of emergency.  You can also use the directional compass to see the location and a fire starter will help you to start a fire on paper or grass quickly.  With this combo pack, you will also get a Flashlight that has a built-in 12 useful tools that we have listed below.  We have mentioned more features and specifications about this gadget below.

    Safety Bracelet  Features to consider

    1. This bracelet has a military-grade parachute cord 7 feet.
    2. A Directional Compass compass to see location.
    3.  It also has Fire-Starter to start a fire whenever it is required.
    4. Safety Whistle will help to enhance the reachability of your sound during an emergency.
    5. It also has a small knife to use in many ways.

    It also comes with Flashlight tat has built-in 12 tools

    1. Blade screwdriver 
    2. 6mm & 7mm wrenches
    3. Small blade screwdriver. 
    4. Can & bottle opener
    5. Medium blade screwdriver 
    6. File 
    7. Knife
    8. Saw 
    9. Small Philips screwdriver
    10. Scissors
    11. Fish hook remover
    12. Fish scalar

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