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    Solar Power LED Candle Light - 6 Pack

    Solar Power LED Candle Light - 6 Pack

    This is a solar powered candles that take power from the sun or other light source to charge itself. It has a built-in light sensor that means LED will glow automatically in the dark environment. Generally it take 5 hour to charge it completely under the sun. But it is also on the outside. This candle LED light is not waterproof that means if you want to use it outdoor, then you can put it inside the lantern so that water will never get inside this gadget. It comes in pair it come in of 6 pieces. Feature and specification about this gadget is listed below. Read carefully before make any purchase.

    How to charge: 

    1. Turn on the switch of candles on the bottom,
    2. Put the top of candles under the sun,
    3. then it will charge automatically.

    Size of product is

    1. 5.2cm(diameter)
    2. 5.8 cm(Height) / 2 inch(Dia)
    3. 2.3 inch(Height)
    4. Package: 6pcs

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