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    Multi-funtional Hammer 10-in-1 tool

    Multi-funtional Hammer 10-in-1 tool

    This Multifunction Hammer tool can Be used as 10 different tools like plier, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pincer, and many others. It is made up of solid material and covered with anti-slip rubber for better grip. Every mechanic, Plumber should have this tool in their backpack.  

    It can save your time and money by performing the task more quickly as compared to another tool in the market.  You can also use this multifunctional hammer to do the daily DIY task in your home, garage, and workshop.  more feature and specification about this tool is given below.

    Multi-functional Hammer Tool Features to consider

    1. This multi-functional hammer is a combination of 10 tools.
    2. It is made up of solid material and covered with non-slip rubber.
    3. It is suitable for mechanics, Plumber, and electricians.
    4. YOu can also keep it in the garage, and workshop for the DIY tasks.

    This Multi-functional Hammer Tool can do 10 tasks.

    1. Nail pliers
    2. Hammer
    3. Screwdriver
    4. Wrench
    5. Nail holder hammer
    6. Pipe wrench 
    7. Nail puller
    8. Pincer
    9. Crimping tool 
    10. Wirecutter.

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