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Stylish Air Fan Perfume for Car

Stylish Air Fan Perfume for Car

This year fan perfume can be installed in the AC vent of any car or SUV.  It provides a good fragrance and also enhances the overall look of your car interior. The fan starts rotation as you switch on the AC blower and spread freshness in your car. 

Aromatherapy core is purely made up of natural extract and also safe for pregnant women and kids. You can also change the fragrance core if you feel the fragrance is fading out.  more features about this air fan perfume are listed below.

Features of Stylish Air Fan Perfume

  1. It removes bad odor in your car and enhances Cool & Fresh Aroma.
  2. Aromatherapy core is made from natural ingredients like plant extracts which are safe for all.
  3. This Fan is easy to install in car AC Vent.
  4. It is compatible with all types of cars/SUVs in India.
  5. It provides a stylish look to your car interior.
  6. No Batteries are required for this Fan Perfume.
  7. The Weight of the Product is 50 Grams only.

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