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    Best Device to Monitor Tyre Pressure and Temp for all Cars

    Best Device to Monitor Tyre Pressure and Temp for all Cars

    Now you can monitor your car tyre pressure and temperature with the help of this wheel pressure sensor device. It comes with 4 sensor valves for each tyre of the car. The main device can be charged with the help of solar power as well as the USB cable it comes with. 

    This wheel pressure sensor also alerts you about any air leaks and high temperatures. It has a most advanced sensor that automatically turns on the movement of the car.  it displays PSI value and temperature in the display.  it also comes with 1-year warranty E and more specification and feature about this product is listed below.

    Features of  TPMS system (wheel pressure sensor)

    Display the PSI value of Wheels

    This wheel pressure sensor comes with six-alarm modes like low air pressure,  high air pressure, high temperature, any fault, sensor battery, and Device battery. This display is big enough to see clearly. It shows pressure in bar /PSI and temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.  

    TPMS System can charge from Solar

    The main device has a battery capacity of 400 mah and can be charged with the help of solar power as well as a charging cable and every 4 valves have a battery of 1.5V that can be replaceable. You will get an alert on display if any valves have a low battery. You can use the power bank of the car charger to charge this device during the night. This device has a battery capacity of 400 mah.

    Wheel Pressure Sensor Valves

    The external sensor valve is equipped with many sensors like temp, pressure, and movement. It is powered by a small battery of 1.5V that can be replaced after discharge. It is made of good quality and has anti-rust and anti-theft properties. Monitoring pressure range: 0-3.5 Bar / 0-50 Psi

    1. Monitor temperature range: -40℃ ~ +80℃
    2. Waterproof: IP67
    3. Anti-corrosion
    4. Sealed - against dust
    5. Anti-theft technology

    Why We Should use wheel pressure sensors for cars?

    Tyre safety is the most important factor in a car. Many high-speed traffic accidents were caused due to uneven tyre pressure. This Device will remind you when tyre condition becomes dangerous. You can also check the advisable tyre pressure in the service manual of your car. It also improves the health of tyre and fuel efficiency.

    How to install the TPMS System

    The installation process is very easy you can do it within a few minutes. It comes with four-sensor valves that can be installed directly on each tyre of the car. and you can place the main device on the dashboard with the help of a receive tape it comes with. It can be installed in any type of car available in India.


     The online rating of this product is 4.4 out of 5. That means it is trustworthy and recommendable.

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