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    3-in-1 Portable Emergency Light with Built-in Fan and Powerbank

    This 3-in-1 portable emergency light will make your life easy because it has a built-in LED light, Solar panel, Cooling fan, and power bank to charge any device using a USB cable. You can use it in places with frequent power outages or take it with you for nighttime outdoor camping.

    3-in-1 Portable Emergency Light with Built-in Fan and Powerbank

    This Portable Emergency Light features energy-efficient LED lights that illuminate in all directions. It includes a foldable cooling fan for hot summer days, and you can place the device in the sun to easily charge its battery using the solar panel.

    This 3-in-1 gear is not just a lantern and a fan. When you hang it in your tent, it becomes a small light and fan, making your camping trip more comfortable. The improved battery makes it work for a long time. With a full battery, the light can stay on for 6-14 hours, and you can even use extra batteries for more power. It's a must-have for a worry-free camping trip.

    Features of 3-in-1 Portable Emergency Light 

    1. It provides 360-degree uniform soft light.
    2. A portable handle makes it convenient to hang anywhere.
    3. The weight of this product is only 349 grams.
    4. Suitable for camping, traveling, or home.
    5. Buit-in solar panel charges the battery automatically during sunny days.

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