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    Kitchen Food Weight Scale: A Portable Solution for Food Measurement

    The food weight scale is a must-have kitchen gadget because it helps to measure the serving sizes of ingredients while cooking Indian cuisine. Those who follow strict diets can also use this portable weight machine to monitor daily calorie intake.

    Kitchen Food Weight Scale

    This Weight scale is portable lightweight and measures weight up to 5 kg. It also includes a tare function that allows you to deduct the weight of an empty container when measuring the weight of ingredients.

    This scale is handy too. It's super light, has a cool lit-up screen, and won't get messy with fingerprints. And it's clever, turning off by itself after a while. No wasted battery. More features and specifications about this food weight scale are given below to consider.

    Features of portable Kitchen Food Weight Scale

    1. This scale can measure weight from 1 gram to 5000 grams.
    2. It is powered by 2AA batteries that last long for many months.
    3. The auto turn-off feature helps to save the battery for a longer period of time.
    4. Tare functions help to subtract the weight of the empty container.
    5. Amazon's rating of this product is 4 out of 5.
    6. It comes with a 2-year warranty.
    7. You can choose 6 different units to measure weight. (kg, g, lb, oz, ml).
    8. The dimension of the product is 14cm by 18 cm.

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