UFO Shape Real quadcopter UAV with Gesture Control

UFO Shape Real quadcopter UAV with Gesture Control

This is a perfect UFO Shape Real quadcopter UAV that can be fly inside or outside your home. It is operated by gesture control because it has an inbuilt sensor that can detect objects nearby and evades them quickly. 

It comes in two different colors blue and red. This Drone has four propellers attractive LED lights and a protective layer. This Mini UFO Drone is totally safe for the kids because it has a protective layer so that propellers will not touch any object nearby.  more features and specification about this UFO-shaped Drone is listed below.

    Features of UFO Shape Real quadcopter UAV 

  1. This Drone has four propellers and some attractive LED Lights.
  2. If you place your hand below the Drone then it will fly high. 
  3. It is very easy to fly and safe for kids as well.
  4. It flies according to the sensors placed at the bottom of the Drone.
  5. The weight of this UFO Drone is 185 Grams.
  6. It can fly up to 8 meters vertically. 
  7. The sensor at the bottom detects nearby objects and evades them quickly.

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