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    Best Air pump for Cycle and Bike Under 500 Rs

    If you ride a bike, you know how annoying it is to get a flat tyre, and it's even worse because bikes don't come with a spare wheel. It's really hard to push a flat bike to the nearest repair shop. But now, there's a solution to this problem with a manual foot air pump. Tubeless tyres keep the air in better, and they let you drive a few kilometers even if they get a puncture.

    Best Air pump for Cycle and Bike Under 500 Rs

    This air pump is suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, football, and other inflatable objects. Non-slip pads provide extra grip and you can inflate the tyre with less effort. It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and doesn't need any power supply to operate. More features and specifications are listed below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website. 

    Features of  Air pump for Cycle and Bike

    1. Suitable for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Footballs, balloons, and other items.
    2. Lightweight and compact in design.
    3. It does not require any type of electricity or battery.
    4. The inner and outer cylinder is made up of Aluminum alloy.
    5. Analog display to measure air pressure.
    6. It comes with a few nozzle attachments.
    7. The weight of the product is only 400 grams.
    8. The online rating is 3.9 out of 5.
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