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    Smart USB LAMP with Voice Control Feature for Home

    This smart UBS lamp can be plugged into any USB socket like a charging adapter, power bank, or laptop. The primary selling point of this lamp lies in its voice control capability, allowing you to activate the lamp with a simple command like "Turn on the light."

    Smart USB LAMP with Voice Control Feature for Home

    This lamp has 3 lighting effects warm, cool, and yellow. You can also change the light mode with your voice command "Change color". This device doesn't require any Bluetooth or internet connection to operate. 

    You can use this cool USB lamp in your room, office, kitchen, and bathroom. It has a soft light that feels safe for the eyes. You can tilt the flexible arm in any direction as required.

    More features and specifications about this cool gadget are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Smart USB LAMP with Voice Control 

    1. This smart lamp has a built-in Mic that understands your voice command.
    2. It has warm, yellow, and cool lighting effects.
    3. The flexible arm can be turned to any angle or direction as needed.
    4. Wide compatibility with any USB port available.
    5. It is lightweight and portable to use while traveling.
    6. Suitable for home, office, kitchen, study room and washroom.
    7. This lamp emits soft light which is safe for the eyes.

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