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Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home To Clean Floor

Now you can clean your floors without any physical effort by using this automatic robotic vacuum cleaner. It has strong suction power and works perfectly on floors, carpets & wood surfaces. Built-in HEPA filters help to improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, pet dander, and microparticles. The main USP of this device is you can control it with a mobile application and it also supports Google Assistant & Alexa.

Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home To Clean Floor

This robot vacuum is like a helpful cleaning assistant for your home, office, or restaurant. It has three strong cleaning modes to make your floors really clean. It's not noisy while it works, and it won't bump into your furniture. It helps you save time and money.

 You can also operate it with the help of a mobile phone or you can control it by voice command using Alexa or home Google. It has the strongest suction power of 2600pa which is more than sufficient to pick any dust particles from the surface. 

This robot vacuum cleaner provides excellent backup time and is capable of recharging itself. It has a 510ml dust bin and 350ml water tank for cleaning purposes.

more features and specifications about this Robot Vacuum Cleaner are given below to consider and you can check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Features of  Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home

  1. It has a three-mode cleaning system: auto mode, spot mode, and edge mode.
  2. This automatic vacuum cleaner can be controlled with a voice command via Alexa/Google Home.
  3. It creates very little noise while cleaning the floor.
  4. It comes with one year of the standard warranty.
  5.  it also has an anti-collision mechanism to avoid obstacles.
  6. You can also schedule the cleaning anytime and anywhere. 
  7. The online rating is 4 out of 5 which is recommendable.
  8.  The overall weight of this product is 4 kg 710 grams.
  9. It can do scheduled cleaning with minimum effort.
  10. The online rating of this product is 4.1 out of 5.
Tech Rater Review: This automatic vacuum cleaner works perfectly on a flat surface. yes! you can consider this product for your home. 
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