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Best Android Smartwatch with SIM-Slot and Dual Camera

This Android smartwatch is like a mini phone because it has its own slot for a 4G sim card, uses the Android operating system, and comes with two HD cameras. You can make calls, send messages, watch videos, install apps, and even do video calls. It's got a strong processor and 128GB of storage space.

Best Android Smartwatch with SIM-Slot and Dual Camera

The smartwatch has a 1.6-inch high-quality touchscreen for watching videos and using social media apps. It also keeps track of your fitness by counting steps, monitoring your heart rate, and other data.

You can also listen to music by connecting your TWS directly through Bluetooth. More details about its features and technical specifications are listed below for you to check. You can also find out its current price by clicking on the provided link.

Features of Android Smartwatch with SIM-Slot and Dual Camera 

  1. This smartwatch has DDR4 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage.
  2. Dual chipset for better performance.
  3. Dedicated 4G sim slot for calls, messages, and internet.
  4. Big 1.6-inch 400x400 HD full-circle screen
  5. Dual camera 2+8 MP for capturing photos and videos.
  6. Functions include video calls, recording, QR code scanning
  7. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS support
  8. Heart rate sensor, step count feature
  9. The smartwatch battery capacity is 900mAh
  10. Android 11 Software version
  11. Multiple languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, etc.
  12. IP67 life waterproof rating

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