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Portable Wireless Printer for Smartphones & PC

Do you need a portable, compact, and wireless printer that you can easily carry anywhere? Check out this On-the-Go Printer that can be connected to Android, iPhones, PC, and Laptops. It only prints black and weight which is perfect for documents.

Portable Wireless Printer for Smartphone & PC

This Portable Wireless Printer for Smartphones & PC is great for people who travel a lot because it comes with a built-in 7.4V 2000mAh lithium battery. It uses a special printing technology that gives you clear printouts. To get the best quality, it's suggested to use HPRT GLOSSY PAPER. You can charge this printer with any USB cable, like the one from your power bank, charging adapter, or even your laptop's USB port.

You can find additional features and specifications below for you to review, and you can check its current price on the Amazon website.

Features of Portable Wireless Printer for Smartphone & PC

  1. This printer is lightweight and compact, easily on-the-go printing anywhere.
  2. Utilizes thermal transfer printing instead of ink cartridges, providing clear printouts. 
  3. Equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth and USB TYPE-C interfaces for versatile connectivity. 
  4. Compatible with iOS, Android, iPad, MAC, and Windows (excluding Chromebook).
  5. Built-in 7.4V 2000mAh lithium battery for a 26-hour standby time. 
  6. Easy to charge via power bank, car charger, and computer.
  7. Achieves clear printouts on glossy surfaces using thermal transfer printing technology.
  8. The weight of the product is approx 1 kg 450 grams.

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