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    Best Money Fly Gun | Fire cash in Air

    Money Fly Gun  Fire cash in Air

    At weddings and parties, you have seen that people are throwing currencies in the air for enjoyment. Now you can do this with the help of this money fly gun. It is made up of a high-quality abs material and power by a 9-volt battery.  You can load a hundred currency notes at once in the loading compartment and press the trigger to fly them in the air. It is very convenient to use and the battery life lasts for many months. This is the Best Money Fly Gun you can buy online. more features and specifications about this money fly gun are listed below.

    Features of Money Fly Gun

    1. This is a toy gun that can fly money in the air.
    2. Cool toy for Indian weddings and parties. 
    3. Unique functions and the coolest gadget to have.
    4. It also works with coupons or flyers too.
    5. This Money Fly Gun is powered by a 9v battery(Not included).
    6. you can load 100 notes at once in the compartment.
    7. It comes in red and black color.
    8. Easy and fun to use.
    9. It comes with few replica Notes for practice.
    10. It can be used to fly all sizes of currencies.

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