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    Snake Camera for Mobile Phones / Laptop

    Snake Camera for mobile  Laptop

    This Snake camera for mobile is very useful in daily life. There is a lot of places where we can not see clearly so we can use this flexible camera. It can be attached to any android mobile phone and laptop. This snake camera is capable to record HD video in AVI format and capture images. The diameter of the camera is 5.5mm and it comes with 6pcs LED light that can be adjustable. It can focus short distances for a clear view. This is a multipurpose camera used by professionals for Inspections. More features and specs are listed below.

    Features of Snake Camera for mobile / Laptop

    1. It records HD video and images in JPG format.
    2. This snake camera has 6pcs of LED light.
    3. It can be attached to any mobile phone and Laptop.
    4. LED brightness can be adjustable.
    5. The camera resolution is 0.3MP pixel.
    6. The focus distance is 2.76Inch-15.7Inch.
    7. It comes with Type-C connectors.
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