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Kids Safety Wrist Band | Anti-Lost Baby Harness

Kids Safety Wrist Band  Anti-Lost Baby Harness

Now you can always keep your kids close to you with the help of this kid's safety wristband harness. The strap feels really comfortable because it is made of premium quality fabric.  Both straps are connected with a metal wire which is covered by soft plastic and can be extended up to 250 cm. You can use this kid's safety wristband harness in public places like markets, shopping malls, metro stations, and crowded areas. More detail feature and specification about this safety wristband is listed below.

Features of Kids Safety Wrist Band Harness

  1. Know you can keep your kids close and safe.
  2. It is much better than holding kids' hands.
  3. This harness is made up of Polyester, Rayon.
  4. The strap is very comfortable and strong.
  5. You can also use it for baby stroller and backpack safety.
  6. It comes in different colors to chose from.
  7. The weight of  Kids Safety Wrist Band Harness is 107 grams.
  8. The online rating is 4 out of 5.
  9. The cord can be extended to 250 cm.

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