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    Waterproof Notepad for Outdoor Activities

    Waterproof Notepad for Outdoor Activities

    This is a waterproof Notepad that is specially designed for all weather conditions. You can use any type of pencil, crayon, ball pen, and markers to write anything on it. It is useful for students, employees, and businessmen to make daily schedule notes. 

    This Notepad is really compact in size so that you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Now rain will not be able to spoil your valuable data written on this waterproof notepad. It comes in 3 pieces and the size of one Notepad is 3 by 5 inches.  more feature and specification about this cool product is listed below.

    Features of Waterproof Notepad

    1. It comes in 3 pieces.
    2. Made up of high-quality waterproof paper.
    3. Compatible with all types of pencil, pen, and marker.
    4. The size of the notepad is approx 3X5 inches.
    5. Compact size to easily carry.

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