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Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner for Home | Best Mop and Vac

Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Bissell vacuum cleaner works on Wet & Dry carpets and capable of permanently removing any stain. It is useful for sofa, carpets, rugs, stair, and car interior. This Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner is compact, portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. It has a heatwave technology that maintains water temperature during the deep cleaning process. You will also get few attachments that help to cleans up a variety of messes. More features and specifications about this gadget are listed below.

1) Work on Wet or Dry Surface 

This multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed to remove stains from any type of fabric. It works in 3-steps Sprays, scrubs, and suctions. You can also use this vacuum cleaner on your car seats. After completing the cleaning process, the hosepipe can be clean itself to prevent any odor. It has a very powerful suction motor that works on thick carpets easily.

2) Multiple attachments to use

Vacuum Cleaner Comes with Deep Reach Pet Tool for Carpet Cleaning. It is made up of high-grade ABS material and provides a good suction grip on the carpet area. 3-inch tough stain tool for cleaning stairs, sofa, seats, and difficult-to-reach places.

3) Spot and Stain remover Liquid

You will also get an OXY liquid bottle of spot & stain removal. It is specially made for this Bissell vacuum cleaner. You can use this liquid solution while doing the cleaning process to remove stains more quickly and regain the originality of the fabric.

4) Heatwave technology 

Bissell vacuum cleaner equipped with Heatwave technology to keep water warm so that stain removing process works well. Although it is recommended to put warm water in the compartment because it only maintains the temperature throughout the process.

5) Compact and portable

Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner for Home

This Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner has a weight of only1050 grams and can be store easily due to its compact size. It is portable and comes with a long cord to work hassle-free anywhere in your home. The broad handle provides a firm grip to carry this vacuum cleaner wherever you want.

Why we need Vacuum Cleaner for Home?

Bissell vacuum cleaner uses a combination of warm water, oxy stain removal liquid, and powerful suction to get all the stubborn stain out and deep clean the fabric, where sprays and foams, not able to reach. vacuum is also more effective in removing stains permanently, whereas, with sprays and foams, there’s a probability the stain may get back.

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Features

  1. Cleans Multiple Surfaces effectively
  2. Permanently removes spots and stains
  3. Deep Stain Tool 
  4. Self-Cleaning Hose Tool
  5. Wight is 1050 grams.
  6. Heatwave technology.
  7. Professional OXY stain removal liquid.
  8. Compact and portable design
  9. Powerful suction power


This is the best Mop and vacuum cleaner for the home. It saves your money from costly dry cleaning and can be used on multiple fabrics. The online rating is 4.6 out of 5 given by 10,291 customers. It is a reliable product and recommended by professionals.

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