Top 3 Best gadgets for bike riders  Long Ride Bike accessories

We have sorted out the "Top 3 best gadgets for bike riders" you should have on your bike. These can be easily installed on any bike and help you out during long highway rides. These gadgets are inexpensive and recommended by professional Riders.  These are available online and made up of good quality material. If you are planning to go on a long bike ride then you should consider these gadgets for bike rides.

1) Mobile charging gadgets for bike riders

Top 3 Best gadgets for bike riders  Long Ride Bike accessories

This mobile charging device is a useful Gadget for bike riders. It comes with a USB port and lighter socket With a quick on-off switch.  The installation process of this charging device is very easy, you have to connect positive and negative connectors to your battery terminals and install the main charging unit on the handlebar. 

You can use it to charge your mobile phone's, cameras, gimble, and other devices. It also has a closed cap that protects it from dust and water.  more features and detailed specifications are given below.

Features of Bike Mobile charging 

  1. Easy control with on/off switch. 
  2. The clamp design for stable installation.
  3. Two wires connection, red for positive, black for negative.
  4. Made up of high-quality ABS materials.
  5. It is dust and waterproof.
  6. High-temperature resistant material.
  7. A universal design fit for most Bikes.

2) Mobile Phone Holder for bike riders

Top 3 Best gadgets for bike riders  Long Ride Bike accessories

This mobile holder is an essential gadget for bike riders to see navigation through Google Maps while riding.  It is made up of aluminum which is lightweight and more durable. This mobile holder has a grip design with a rotatable knob on the side to tight your mobile phone so that it will be secure throughout your journey. 

You can attach any mobile with a screen size from 4 inches to 6.5 inches. This mobile holder is very easy to install and you will get all the installation tools and few attachments in the package. more details specifications and features about this gadget are listed below.

Features of Bike Mobile Phone Holder 

  1. Attach any mobile with the size of 4. 0 - 6. 5 Inch.
  2. Jaw-grip design is safe and secure.
  3. Rotating a knob on the side.
  4. Easy to install do-it-yourself  
  5. 1-year replacement warranty.
  6. Weight is 200 grams.
  7. The package contains installation tools and attachments.
  8. 360 rotation in any direction
  9. Online Rating is 4.6 out of 5.

3) Fog Light for for bike riders

Top 3 Best gadgets for bike riders  Long Ride Bike accessories

The fog light is a must-have gadget for bike riders during the winter season because fog reduces our visibility to see. These lights are specially designed to provide good visibility in all weather seasons. These Lights are dust and water-resistant and come with an on-off switch. 

Adjustable angle and heatsink housing make it the perfect fog light for touring. This fog light for the bike has 6 SMD LEDs that provide good visibility on road during the night and take less power. It also comes with a 6-month warranty.

Features of Fog Light for Bike 

  1. This fog light has 6 SMD LED
  2. Adjustable angle.
  3. 6 months of warranty.
  4. Splash and dustproof.
  5. Aluminum housing
  6. It comes with an on/off switch.
  7. PMMA Lens for better focus.

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