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2-in-1 Car Seat Cooling Fan - Portable & Powerful

2-in-1 Car Seat Cooling Fan - Portable & Powerful

Whenever you sit on a car seat for a longer time then you may feel the sweat on your back. You can solve this problem by installing this car seat cooling fan on the headrest of the front seat. It provides effective cooling with three modes then you can choose from.  This cooling fan comes with a long USB cable that can be attached to any USB socket in your car. 

The second use of this car seat cooling fan is that it can be used as a rear AC vent by just removing the front housing. So if you are spending more time in your car during long Highway Journeys then this product you should definitely consider.  This cooling fan is made up of high-quality abs material which is durable and long-lasting more features and specifications about this product is listed below. You can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Features of Car Seat Cooling Fan

  1. It comes with a long 140cm USB cable
  2. This cooling fan has 3 modes to select.
  3. It comes with adjustable clamps to fix on the headrest.
  4. This fan is powered by a USB cable.
  5. It can be used as a rear AC vent or Front seat ventilation.
  6. The weight of the product is 250 grams.
  7. It can be installed in any of the cars.
  8. This is less noisy and provides adequate cooling.

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