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Mini 360 Wheels for appliances & Storage Container

Mini 360 Wheels for appliances & Storage Container

We know that it is difficult to move a heavy object from one place to another. This problem can be solved with the help of these mini 360 wheels, which can be installed on any storage container or appliance. The maximum capacity it can behold is 8 kgs. It provides freedom to move the object in 360 direction without any effort.

The installation process of this mini 360 wheel is very easy because it comes with strong adhesive tape. You can stick 4 Mini wheels on the bottom of the object and it is ready to use. This Mini 360 wheel is made up of ABS material and stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-protected.  more feature and specification about this product is listed below.

Features of Mini 360 Wheels

  1. Easy to move any storage container appliances.
  2. It comes with strong adhesive tape for installation.
  3. It provides 360 rotation with free movement.
  4. suitable for kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
  5. Made up of high-quality ABS and stainless steel.
  6. maximum load capacity is 8 kg.
  7. You will get 8 Pcs in a pack.
  8. Product weight is 100 grams only.

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