Flexible Mobile Charger Stand Dock for Laptop

This is the most stylish and unique Flexible Mobile Charger Stand Dock that can be sued for laptops, Pc, and Powerbank. It comes with multiple charging ports like Micro USB, TYpe-C, and a Lightning port for iPhone. 

This flexible Dock Charger is made up of high-quality Aluminium which is lightweight and strong. You can also use this dock in your car as a mobile holder to see the navigation. More features and specs are given below.

Features of 4-in-1 Mobile Dock Charger Stand 

  1. It comes with an interchangeable head for micro USB, Type-C, and Lightning connectors.
  2. This charging dock is flexible and rotates in any direction.
  3. Aluminum construction makes it lightweight and strong.
  4. It can be attached to any USB port of PC, Laptop, and power bank.
  5. It can charge the phone faster as compared to regular cable.
  6. You can also use this Mobile Dock Charger in Car and Suv.
  7. Now you can watch movies while charging your phone.