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    Wireless Home Security Camera ( WiFi CCTV surveillance System )

    Wireless Home Security Camera

    This Wireless Home Security Camera is very useful for your home, office, and workplace. This CCTV surveillance can be installed anywhere in your house and you can monitor live view from your mobile phone. You can also rotate the camera angle from your phone, by just swiping right or left on your mobile screen. This CCTV camera has the capability to record 1080P full HD video that you can watch anytime and anywhere. It can be connected with your home wi-fi and support an SD card of up to 128 GB.

     This Wireless Home Security Camera also has some unique features like night vision and motion detection.  Whenever the motion is detected then the camera will notify you on your mobile phone and also take the picture with the timestamp.  This CCTV surveillance also has a feature of two-way talking And P2P Technology. More detail feature and pacification about this product is listed below

    Features of Wireless Home Security Camera

    1. It can detect motion and start recording.
    2. You will also receive notification for any movement.
    3. It is capable to record full HD video.
    4. This camera supports an SD card of Up to 128GB.
    5. Monitor live video on a mobile phone.
    6. You can also rotate the camera with your mobile phone.
    7. it also has P2P technology with 2 way talking.
    8. The weight of the product is 365 grams.

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