Anti-Theft Door Alarm for Home Security

Anti-Theft Door Alarm for Home Security

This anti-theft door alarm Security system is perfect for home, office, apartment, garage. It is very easy to install with double-sided tape that comes with the product. It has a super loud sound that alerts you quickly. You can install this at home, shop office, etc. It is unnoticeable due to its compact size. 

This Anti-Theft Door Alarm trigger when the host and the magnetic strip were separated by 10MM. There is also an on/off button and low battery indicator on the device for your convenience.

This is the best home security system because of its compact size and usability. It has a (3xLR44) battery that provides a good backup for many months. Now you don't have to buy an expensive security system because this device can do the job really well. More features and specs are given below.

Features of Anti-Theft alarm for home

  1. This anti-theft door alarm creates 120db of sound.
  2. It can be installed on doors, windows, cupboards,s, and drawers.
  3. Now you will hear a sound when someone opens the door.
  4. Suitable for home, office, apartment, garage.
  5. It has a built-in battery (3xLR44) that lasts for many months.
  6. Easy o install with double-sided tape.
  7. Comes with 1year of warranty.
  8. The online rating is 4.5 out of 5.

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