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    Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Smartphone to Type Fast

    Get ready to turbocharge your typing on your mobile, tablet, or iPad with this awesome wireless Bluetooth keyboard! Connect it to three devices at once, and switching between them is a breeze. It's compact, water-resistant, and comes with two AAA batteries that'll keep it running smoothly for a whopping 24 months.

    Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Smartphone to Type Fast

    This Bluetooth wonder features the full QWERTY keyboard layout with handy shortcuts. Need a break? No problem – it even comes with a stand for your tablet or phone, letting you type comfortably in any position you like. It's like having your own personal typing assistant, saving you time and making things easy-peasy.

    Choose between classic black or white to match your style. Say goodbye to slow typing on your phone or tablet – this keyboard is here to supercharge your speed and efficiency. Crafted from top-notch materials, it also comes with a cool one-year warranty. Dive into the exciting features and specs listed below! 

    Features of Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

    1. This Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with laptops, iPads, tablets, and Mobile phones.
    2. It has a built-in holder for mobile phones and tablets.
    3. The easy switch dial helps to switch typing between 3 connected devices.
    4. The Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters.
    5. This Bluetooth keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries.
    6. The online rating is 4.4 out of 5.
    7. The weight of the product is 820 grams.

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