Wireless CCTV Camera with 360 Rotation

Wireless CCTV Camera with 360 Rotation

This is  Wireless 2MP CCTV Bulb Camera with 360 rotation. It can be installed in any E27 bulb socket in your house/office/workplace. This wireless camera can be operated with mobile phones after installing the V380 application. This app is available for all devices like mobiles, laptops, pcs, tablets, iPhones, and iPad.

This wireless CCTV camera also has a built-in TF card slot to record all videos and photos. It also has features of 2-way communication, night vision, and motion detection. More features and specs about this Wireless CCTV Camera are given below.

Features of Wireless CCTV Camera

  1. It has a motion detection alarm system with push notifications.
  2. This camera has a 2-way communication microphone and speakers.
  3. It also has a night vision feature to capture videos and photos during the night.
  4. This camera is capable to record 1080P high-definition video.
  5. It can be rotated in 360 direction.
  6. It has built-in Infrared light that automatically turns on during the night.
  7. You can watch real-time videos on a mobile phone.
  8. You can download the V380 Pro app to operate this camera.
  9. Easy to install in any E27 connector.

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