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Smart Cooler for Mobile with Wireless Charging

Smart Wireless Charger for Mobile with Cooling Fan for Gamers

Playing games on Your mobile phone while charging can cause overheating. This problem can be resolved using this excellent wireless charger with a built-in cooler. It works on semiconductor cooling that works efficiently with all compatible iPhones.

This magnetic wireless charger provides 7.5W of output, sufficient to charge your smartphone quickly.  It also has colorful RGB lights that look really cool. Now you don't have to worry about the overheating issue and enjoy gaming while charging your phone. More features and specs about this wireless charger are given below to consider and you can check its latest price from the Amazon website.

Features of Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone

  1. This wireless charger can quickly charge your iPhone and is compatible with a Magsafe case.
  2. It has a built-in cooler to cool down your phone while playing high-end games.
  3. This charger will automatically align with the charging coil inside your phone automatically.
  4. It can quickly dissipate heat from the large vents.
  5. This cooling fan works silently and comes with cool RGB colors.
  6. It protects your Apple iPhone from overheating and over-voltage.
  7. The weight of this magnetic charger is only 159 grams.
  8. It provides 7.5W fast charging for iPhone 12,13 and 14 series.

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