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    Smallest Mobile Phone with Built-in Electric Lighter

    This is the coolest mobile phone that comes with a built-in electric lighter. You can use this mobile to call, message, play music, take pictures, and many more. On the top, it gets a tungsten electric lighter which is windproof and doesn't emit any gasses or flame.
    Smallest Mobile Phone with Built-in Electric Lighter

    This lighter is safe to use and comes with a magnetic shutter cap for protection.

    This lighter mobile is trending on TikTok and according to our review, it has some unique functionality and looks gimmicky. also, the quality of the product could have been better. You can consider this product if you need a cool-looking lighter to impress your friends. More features and specs about this product are given below and you can check its current from the button given here.

    Features of the Smallest Mobile phone with built-in Lighter

    1. This light has 3 shaped tungsten wires for quick lighting.
    2. It doesn't have any harmful liquid or gasses.
    3. You can charge this device using a USB port of an adapter or power bank.
    4. It works as a mobile phone to answer the call and play music.
    5. This mobile phone also supports dual sim for better usage.
    6. It is made up of high-quality alloy material.
    7. This mobile also gets a camera to capture or record movements.
    8. The built-in lighter is windproof and comes with a protective shield case.
    9. You can choose any clock interface that looks cool on the default screen.

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