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Bright Head Torch Rechargeable

Bright Head Torch Rechargeable

This bright head torch is useful for those who are going hiking, camping, or doing any activity in the dark. This head torch has a built-in battery which can be recharged with the help of the USB cable it comes with. It also has a unique technology for heat dissipation. 

You can also turn it on without a touch because it has a built-in proximity sensor. You have to just wave your hand in front of the headlamp to turn it on or off. More features and specs about this gadget are listed below and you can check the latest price on the Amazon website.

Features of a bright head torch

  1. It comes with high elasticity and a comfortable nylon fiber band.
  2. The adjustable strap is suitable for all head shapes and sizes.
  3. You can switch on and off this headlight without any touch.
  4. This head torch is useful for hiking, camping, and other technical purposes.
  5. It has a built-in battery so that you can recharge it anywhere. 
  6. The brightness of this headlamp is 3600 Lumen.
  7. It is lightweight and compact in size.
  8. You can also adjust the illumination angle.
  9. Online rating gi s3.9 out of 5 for this gadgets.

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