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    3-in-1 Emergency Safety tool for Car

    3-in-1 Emergency Safety tool for Car

    This is a must-have emergency tool for your car. It has mainly  3 features: a Glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and emergency whistle. This mini tool is useful in any traffic accident or any emergency situation where you have to get off your car quickly. We know that when a car is met with an accident then most of the electronics are not working properly, in that situation you can break the window glass and cut the seatbelt to rescue yourself or the passenger. 

    This 3-in-1 emergency safety tool is really compact and lightweight. you can use it as a key chain and carry it in your pocket. It also has a popping whistle which you can use when need people's help. More features and specs about this car safety tool are given below.

    Features of  3-in-1 Emergency Safety tool 

    1. It is compact, portable, and easy to carry as a keychain. 
    2. It has a safety belt cutter which is useful to rescue passengers if any traffic accident or emergency occurs.
    3. This mini tool also has a feature to break a window just in case of being trapped.
    4. It also has a built-in emergency whistle to gather attention.
    5. This 3-in-1 Emergency Safety tool is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and Stainless Steel.

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