Fog Remover for Car Windshield (Car Defogger)

This Car Defogger Device is a must-have product during winter. It helps to remove fog from the windshield of the car quickly. This car defogger comes with a universal socket that is compatible with all types of cars available in India. It is made up of high-quality ABS material with pure copper wiring. This device starts blowing warm air within few seconds. You can also rotate its head up to 180 degrees for convenient use.

This car defogger has 3 vents to remove fog quickly. It has a power of 150W and is compatible with any vehicle that comes with a 12V standard battery. More features and specs about this gadget is listed below.

Features of Car Defogger

  1. It has 180 degrees rotatable head for convenient usage.
  2. Three air outlets help to defog quickly.
  3. Easy to install in any hatchback, sedan, MPV, and SUV.
  4. It is made up of high-quality ABS material.
  5. You can use it continuously for upto 10 min.
  6. It is lightweight and portable to use.
  7. You can also use this device for ventilation cooling.
  8. It can be installed on the dashboard.
  9. This defogger has a built-in fuse and power protection.
  10. It will start blowing warm air after 30 sec.
  11. It has a power of 150W and can be operated on a 12V battery.