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    Self Adhesive Wall Screw Hooks (hold 6kg)

    This self-adhesive wall screw hook offers a convenient solution for hanging items without the need for drilling. Its self-adhesive feature allows easy attachment to various surfaces such as wood, tiles, metal, and glass.

    Self Adhesive Wall Hooks

    Installation is incredibly simple: just clean the surface and affix the self-adhesive hook. With a maximum weight capacity of 6 kg, it can securely hold a variety of items, making it suitable for use in the kitchen to hang utensils and other objects.

    Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of purchasing a drill machine for wall mounting. Unlike drill machines, this hook won't damage walls and is compatible with metal and glass surfaces. Explore more features and specifications of this product below.

    Features of Self Adhesive Wall Screw Hooks

    1. This hook can hold weight up to 6kg easily.
    2. It is suitable for wood, tile, ceramic, and metal surfaces.
    3. No need for drilling and easy installation.
    4. It is a waterproof and highly durable product.
    5. It is made up of Stainless steel and PVC material with high-strength glue.
    6. This adhesive hook comes in packs of 10,12 and 20 pieces.
    7. The online rating of this product is .42 out of 5.
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