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    Magnetic Window Cleaner: to Clean Widow on Both Sides

    We know that it's very difficult and risky to clean the windows from outside of your apartment or flat. But look, we have found an affordable solution to this problem. Introducing the magnetic window cleaner that attaches to both sides of the glass, allowing you to clean the outside of your windows while staying in your room.

    Magnetic Window Cleaner to Clean Widow on Both Sides

    This magnetic window cleaner has a built-in sponge to remove any stains on the glass. Now you can clean windows of any size without any risk or with less effort. This mini tool is affordable and long-lasting. Share it with someone who needs to clean the outside glass of their windows.

    Pros and cons of Magnetic Window Cleaner

    1. This magnetic cleaner is suitable for 3-8mm thickness,
    2. It is perfect for cleaning windows, fish tanks, skylights, and tiles.
    3. Dual magnet on both sides helps it to stick from the outside.
    4. It has a built-in sponge and wipe strip to clean and wipe the glass.
    5. Amazon's rating is 3.7 out of which is recommendable.
    6. It has a safety rope just in case it drops.

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