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    Foldable Slim Mobile phone Stand (360° Adjustable)

    Foldable Slim Mobile phone Stand (360° Adjustable)

    Mobile stand is an important accessory these days because it helps us to watch movies, record videos, WhatsApp calls, and other tasks. There are many mobiles stands available online but it is difficult to carry them separately. This foldable slim mobile stand solves this problem because it can attach to the backside of your mobile phone. It takes very less space after folding and you can rotate it to 360 degrees as per your requirement.

    This slim mobile stand is a perfect companion while traveling. It is compatible with all the smartphones available having a smooth surface. You can easily install this after removing the protective film from strong adhesive tape. More features and specifications about this product is given below to consider.

    Features of Foldable Slim Stand for Mobile phones

    1. This slim stand can stick to the back side of a mobile phone.
    2. It has a thickness of 0.2-inch after the fold.
    3. This stand is made up of high-quality zinc alloy.
    4. It has a 360-degree feature to adjust the mobile phones into landscape & portrait.
    5. Easy to install on a smooth surface (not useful with mobile covers)
    6. It also works as a magnetic mobile holder for cars.
    7. This stand is compatible with all smartphones having screen sizes of 4 - 12.9 Inches.
    8. It is portable and lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket.
    9. No need to buy an expensive and bulky mobile stand.

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