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Laser Light scissors for Straight cutting

Black Scissor with laser light for straight cutting

These laser light scissors are specially designed for professionals to cut fabric, paper, gift wrapping, crafts, scrapbooks, and cardboard. It has built-in Laser light that guides it to cut in a straight line. These laser light scissors are also helpful for art and craft work for students. It is lightweight (141 grams) and portable to use. This product is recommended for tailors to cut clothes with high accuracy and for students for art and craft.

Sometimes it is very difficult to cut paper and fabric in a straight line, but this gadget can solve this problem. It is made up of strong metal with a plastic handle for perfect grip. More features and specification about this tech gadget is given below for consideration. 

Features of Laser Light scissors Straight cutting

  1. Made up of high carbon steel with ABS plastic handles.
  2. Useful for fabric, papers, and crafting materials.
  3. Portable and lightweight to use for professionals.
  4. It helps with precise cutting and saves your time and effort.
  5. Dimensions are 8.3 inches X 3.1 inches.
  6. The weight of this product is 141 grams.
  7. Laser-light scissors have unique and innovative designs.
  8. The battery is included in the box Button Cell (AG13*3).
  9. You can adjust the screw for straight AIM.
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