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2-in-1 Car Hanger Hooks with Mobile Holder

2-in-1 Car Hanger Hooks with Mobile Holder

This is a multipurpose hanger hook for the car that has a built-in mobile holder. It is suitable to hang bags, purses, Purse, Luggage, Cloth, Groceries, and many other things up to 5 kg. The three-stage lock mechanism makes it compatible with all cars and SUVs.

You can install this multipurpose hook to the adjustable headrest. It has a lock mechanism for strong stability and you can rotate it in 360 directions for better usage. Anti-scratch silicone inner ring holds the headrest tightly.

This hook can be converted into a mobile holder which is compatible with 80% of mobile phones available in the market. More pros and cons you need to know about this product are given below. You can check its price from the link given here.

Pros and cons of 2-in-1 Car Hanger Hooks with Mobile Holder

  1. The wide hook holds any bag and purse securely.
  2. Foldable telescopic mobile holder.
  3. 360 rotation for better usability.
  4. Compatible with all mobile phones.
  5. Anti-scratch silicone inner linings.
  6. Easy to install and portable in size.
  7. Adjustable size for thickness of headrest rod.
  8. Amazon's rating is 4 out of 5.
  9. Easy to hide when not in use.
  10. Made up of premium ABS material.
  11. Save space and keep things organized.

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