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Wireless Charging stand for Mobile Phones | Fast Charger

Wireless Charging stand for Mobile Phones

This is a cool wireless charging stand for mobile phones. It can charge your phone quickly and also has a feature to amplify the sound of the mobile speaker through a unique design. Now you can watch your favorite movies while charging your phone on this mini chair. It comes in different colors that you can choose from.

You can place your phone horizontally and vertically to enjoy loud music while charging. Make sure to use fast charging adapter with this wireless charger to get maximum output from charging coils. The power output of this device is up to 10W and it works perfectly with the Mobile case having less thickness of 8mm.

More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider. You can also check its price on the amazon website.

Features of Wireless Charging stand for Mobile Phones

1. Unique Futuristic Design 

It has a unique futuristic chair shape design that looks amazing and you can place your mobile phone in a horizontal or vertical position for wireless charging /phone stand function. It is made up of high-quality ABS material which makes it a durable and long-lasting product.

2. Provide Fast Charging 

Provide Fast Charging

This charger support QI fast charging technology with a conversion rate of more than 80%. It is equipped with a large charging coil for better performance. This charger is compatible with QI-enabled devices. Make sure your phone supports fast charging before using this device.

3. Sound Boosted Features

Sound Boosted Features

The bottom part of this device is specially designed in a way to boost the sound of your smartphone and makes it much louder. So you can enjoy your favorite movies and videos with surround sound. You need to put the smartphone into a verticle position to use this feature.

4. Wide Compatibility 
Wide Compatibility

This mini wireless charging stand is compatible with iPhones and android phones having wireless charging features. It also works perfectly if you are using a mobile cover having a thickness of less than 8mm. It automatically detects the charging device and supply power according to the requirement.  

5. Multipurpose usage

Multipurpose usage

You can use this device as a mobile stand, charging stand, or movie stand. Now you don't have to worry about low charging while watching your favorite movies because it can charge your smartphone simultaneously. You can also use this wireless charging stand for video calls, zoom meetings, and other needs.


Hope you like this 2-in-1 wireless mobile charging stand that has a unique feature and futuristic design. If your phone has a fast charging feature then you must have to try this cool gadget. we have provided its amazon link given above.

Disclaimer: Specifications may vary please check the product page for more details.

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