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Floating Solar Fountain Water Pump for home outdoor

Floating Solar Fountain Water Pump for home outdoor

This Floating solar fountain starts automatically when exposed to sunlight. It doesn't require any battery or power socket. This mini-fountain water pump has a built-in brushless motor that provides a long lifespan. It can be placed in the pool, pond, and garden. 

Now you can make your garden lawn look more attractive with this floating solar fountain. It comes with 5 different modes of nozzles for different spray patterns, you can choose any spray water pattern you like. It makes the environment more pleasant and calm. More features are listed below.   

1) Floating Solar Fountain on water

It has the capability to float on water and the fountain get starts in few seconds when exposed to bright sunlight. The black form makes it unsinkable and stable during all weather conditions. It is recommended to be used under sunlight. This is perfect for a small pond, pool,  fish tank and makes your garden more dynamic. 

2) Powered by solar panel

Floating Solar Fountain Water Pump for home outdoor

It is powered by a solar panel placed on the top of the fountain. that work well under the sunlight and cloudy days. The spray height of water varies from 10cm to 70cm according to light intensity. The solar collector device converts sunlight into electricity and provides sufficient power to the water pump.

3) Powerful brushless motor

The water pump has a built-in brushless motor that makes less noise and highly energy efficient. This motor is specially designed to functioning even when the sunlight is low. It is compact in size and enhances the lifespan of the fountain.

4) Mini Water Pump with 4 Spray modes

Floating Solar Fountain Water Pump for home outdoor

The solar water fountain comes with 4 modes of spray to be used of nozzles in different spray patterns, choose any one spray water pattern you like. It can also be used without attaching any nozzles. Unique spray modes will make it more attractive and futuristic.

Features of Floating Solar Fountain Water Pump

  1. Powered by a solar panel.
  2. Water flow height is up to 70cm.
  3. 4 unique spray nozzles.
  4. The weight of the fountain is 200grams.
  5. Dimensions are 10 x 5 x 5 Centimeters.
  6. Rating is 3.9 out of 5

How to use Floating Solar Fountain

  1. Place the fountain on the clean water.
  2. Bring the dark cloth to cover the panel for 15 sec to restart.
  3. Expose it under the sunlight and pump spray water.
  4. Clean the pump and solar panel when flow decrease.
  5. You can keep it in shades when not in use.


Yes, we recommend this Floating Solar Fountain because of its unique design, features, and price. You can consider this product according to the customer reviews and ratings about this product.

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