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3-in-1 Car Jump Starter with Air Pump & Power bank

3-in-1 Car Jump Starter with Air Pump & Power bank

This 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter has a built-in tyre inflator and a power bank to charge any device. It has a 12000 mah Li-polymer rechargeable battery which is capable to jump-start an 8.0L Petrol engine and 6.0L Diesel engine cars. This device is very convenient to use by any age group. This is a must-have device for taxis, cabs, and highways to jump-start and inflates the tyre in no time

This device is also equipped with a built-in air pump for cars, bikes, motorcycles, and other inflatable items. 100% fully copper cylinder inflates the tyre more quickly. You can inflate 10 tyres after a full charge. It also has a big LED display to show accurate PSi values to measure accurate tyre pressure. This machine also has a pre-set tyre pressure system, which you can opt and the inflator will stop automatically after achieving those psi values.

This 3-in-1 Device also works as a power bank to charge mobile, cameras, tablets and other electronics via USB cable. Battery capacity is 12,000 mah battery which is more than adequate to charge your device multiple times. This is a must-have car accessory.

More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider and you can check its latest price from the amazon website.

Technical specification of 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter with Air Pump & Power bank

  • It has a built-in 12000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery.
  • This device is wireless and easily recharge with a Type-c cable.
  • It can jump-start any car up to 8.0 petrol and 6.0 diesel engine.
  • Built-in air pump to inflate a flat tyre in a few minutes.
  • Compact and portable in size.
  • The weight of the product is 910 grams.
  • It also has a strong LED flashlight for emergencies.

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