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    Mini HD Zoom Lens for Mobile Phone (8 X 20 Monocular)

    Mini HD Zoom Lens for Mobile Phone (8 X 20 Monocular)

    If your smartphone doesn't come with a dedicated zoom lens then you can use this gadget to magnify up to 8 times in high-definition quality. This lens is compatible with all smartphones and is suitable for taking photos and videos. It has a dedicated focus knob that allows one to focus the object manually. You can use this zoom lens for sightseeing, bird viewing, football, bird-watching, mountain climbing, hiking, traveling, and more.

    This zoom lens has an optical glass-coated objective with soft rubber eyes mask for better protection. This lens has the capability to zoom up to 8 times with crystal clear image quality. More detailed features about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Mini HD Zoom Lens for Mobile Phone

    1. The weight of this product is only 70 grams.
    2. Dimensions are 10X6.5X4.5cm.
    3. It has a built-in BK7 Prism for better image quality.
    4. Pocket 8x20 Monocular has a viewfinder to watch directly.
    5. It comes with a carrying case and wristband protection.
    6. Made up of aluminum alloy with impact-resistant and anti-slip grip.
    7. Lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket.
    8. It can be used with or without a mobile phone.
    9. You can place your mobile phone on the viewfinder to click pictures.

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