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Mini Portable Air Cooler for Summers | Compact AC

Mini Portable Air Cooler for Summers  Compact AC

Do you need a compact and personal air cooler that keeps you cool in this harsh summer? If yes! you need to check out this compact AC that can be powered by any USB port. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry in your backpack. You can place this air cooler in the kitchen, office table, and bedroom. 

On the top side, it gets a small compartment to fill ice water which is absorbed by the air filter placed inside the cooler and air gets colder when passes through the wet filters. It is an energy-efficient product and you can use it for many hours continuously. More features and specifications about this cool gadget are given below consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

Features of Mini Portable Air Cooler for Summers

  1. This mini cooler is powered by a USB cable that you connect to a powerbank, adapter, or laptop.
  2. It has 3-speed settings for fans (Low, medium, and Hight).
  3. You can also adjust the air vents to divert the air in a particular direction.
  4. It has a small water compartment which you can use to fill ice water to get more cooling.
  5. This mini cooler is recommended for small spaces or single persons.
  6. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in your backpack.
  7. This room cooler can work effectively at a controlled noise level under 58 dB.
  8. You can use this device in your bedroom, kitchen, office, and living area.
  9. It also helps to maintain the humidity level by releasing the water molecule into the air.

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