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    Automatic Solar Car Perfume | Windmill Design Dashboard Gadget

    Automatic Solar Car Perfume  Windmill Design Dashboard Gadget

    This is the coolest can gadget that you can buy today. This windmill design car perfume has a built-in solar panel that takes power from the sunlight to rotate the front propellers. It provides a quick fragrance and looks cool on your car dashboard. This solar car perfume comes in multiple fragrance options to choose from. You can use it as a gift present for your family and friends. 

    This solar car perfume lasts up to 30 days. It comes with strong double-sided tape to place it on the dashboard and leaves no traces. 

    Elegant design enhances your car interior and makes you feel calm through your long highway journey. More features and specs about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Automatic Solar Car Perfume (Windmill Design)

    1. Buit-in solar panel to rotate wings automatically.
    2. It comes in multiple fragrance options.
    3. Easy to install on any car dashboard.
    4. This windmill solar perfume lasts up to 30 days.
    5. Compact in size and does not block your vision while driving.
    6. Specially designed with premium material.
    7. It starts working automatically when placed under the sunlight.
    8. No need to charge or placed any batteries.
    9. Multiple color options are available.

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