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Powerful Vacuum Cleaner with Blower for Wet & Dry Surface

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner with Blower for Wet & Dry Surface

This multipurpose vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1000W turbo motor for powerful suction. It comes with multiple attachments with an extended hose pipe to clean every corner efficiently. You can use this vacuum cleaner for houses, offices, garages, and cars. Now cleaning your home is going to be fun with this powerful machine. It also gets a blower function which can be used in multiple ways while cleaning. 

This vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 10L which is considered to be sufficient for daily cleaning. It works on a wet and dry surfaces efficiently to remove all types of dust and stains easily. You will get a dedicated brush mount for fabric like sofas, cushions, and curtains. This vacuum cleaner is easily maneuvered and fits into places where needed the most.

1) Powerful Turbo Motor 

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful turbo motor (1000W) that generates high suction power (16.5 KPA) to pick up every dust particle. It gets a crevice nozzle and brush mount for different purposes of cleaning. 

2) Fast Blower Function

The blower function helps to settle the dust particles in a tricky area or you can use it to gather up large amounts of leaves outdoors. This function helps to sweep lawns or parking areas quickly.

3) Large Storage Capacity of 10 Liters

This vacuum cleaner is compact in size yet it has a capacity of 10L to store dust and other stuff while cleaning. It gets moveable wheels that help to take it from one place to another. The 6-meter-long power cable helps to reach every corner of the room.

4) Work on Wet & Dry Surface

This vacuum cleaner gets multiple nozzles to work on wet and dry surfaces. Now you can clean spilled liquid quickly without making a mess. Many professional drycleaners and car cleaning companies are using this product to get desirable results. 

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