Spy Cam Detector: Find any Hidden Cameras in Hotels

Spy Cam Detector Find any Hidden Cameras in Hotels

Do you travel a lot and stay in different hotels then you should definitely have this spy cam detector. It has built-in infrared light and a filter to detect any hidden camera in the room. This device is compatible with all smartphones and does not require any battery because it takes power directly from mobile phones via a charging port. It is compact in size and easy to carry in your pocket.

The working of the spy cam detector is very simple, it has 6 infrared lights that reflect the lens of the hidden camera which you can see clearly through the built-in filter. So next time when you go on vacation or a business tour don't forget to carry this device.

Features of Spy Cam Detector

  1. Compatible with Android and IOS devices.
  2. No battery is required in this device.
  3. Compact in size and easy to carry in a pocket.
  4. Perfect gift for your family members who travel a lot.
  5. It helps to protect the privacy of a person.
  6. Long-lasting product with affordable pricing.
  7. The dimensions are 55mm X 45mm.
  8. It comes in black and white colors to choose from.

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